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Dependable Asphalt Paving Specialists in Toledo

Plan a fine and long-lived epoxy flooring near by Toledo, OH with the aid of Pound Concrete team members. Concrete is truly versatile just as we're in applying it for various projects in our living areas, from building new comfortable space and porch to pools, driveways and terraces. We can set up designs that go beyond the ordinary or really change older boring driveways and verandas into extraordinary living zones that you can use for entertaining or resting. Our exceptional epoxy flooring projects in Toledo aren't only reasonably costing but reliable and amazing to look at the same time.

If you still expect sidewalks must be simple, uninteresting, insipid and dismal, then you need to wake up and understand how far your neighbors have come in creating attractive concrete pavers in Ohio, built of the highest quality materials procurable. Our company's driveway and sidewalk concepts are not only unique but stable, lifelong and strong also. We have several premium styles approved to remodel your Toledo, OH driveway pavement, swimming area or backyard concepts in tastefully fascinating areas. We can administer all sorts of asphalt designs to the most excellent of your fancy. Our Toledo epoxy flooring designs go at a lower cost than different equipment just as brick, tile or stone and still look just as good-looking, if not else.

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Our Top Services

  • Concrete

    Applicable to any surface both interior and exterior, concrete is an affordable service that can revamp any home. Picture countertops, floors, driveways, or walking paths.

  • Asphalt

    The leading material in driveway and sidewalk design, asphalt will provide a smooth, perfect path for your home and vehicles. It's just one phone call away.

  • Epoxy Flooring

    You wouldn’t believe how smooth and professional concrete can feel until you’ve seen the wonder of epoxy flooring. Picture a perfect ballet floor but instead of wood, an epoxy concrete floor that looks just as good and cost but a fraction of the price.

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Benefits and features of Toledo concrete is that it shall easily and comfortably be created into any size and proportion of your asking. Effortlessly and quickly it shall get any form needed to make unique outcomes near your house. Sculptures, flowerpots and other cozy additions and ornaments can enhance the arrangement and formation of your craftsman patio. When you get a beautiful yet strong and long-lasting floors crafted with concrete in Toledo, by qualified experts from Pound Concrete, these admirable combinations can easily and comfortably.

Why You Should Acknowledge Contracting Pound Concrete for Your Toledo, OH Concrete Paving Project

When it comes to concrete contractors in Toledo, style and color are important. You may also select a hue for your epoxy flooring that makes a colorful presentation in your residence. We have a lot of tones for epoxy floorings and concrete pavers made to integrate perfectly with your outstanding atmosphere. It will cost a little higher to place colored elements but the difference it yields is really worth it. Colored elements also can be used long time if well kept and managed.

We comprehend every type of task is original on its own depending on the customer's taste, style and preferences. As experienced and qualified concrete placers in Toledo, OH, we as craftsmen understand and have determined all the pertinent requirements of working with concrete, along with asphalt. At Pound Concrete we recognize each customer's needs in choice of asphalt paint, along with the type of asphalt sealer best suited for each job and components for the best asphalt mixture for excellent results. We'll provide you an definite price of the whole plan determined by some things such as the amount of concrete needed and other conditions.

Blots of colors alongside toners on concrete patios in Toledo, OH have developed into truly requested not long ago. They have also made it possible for creative plotting for accessways and backyards too. We are professionals in this modern type for both outdoor and indoor area. Our highly skilled professionals will remake your new asphalt into an amazing masterpiece at the most affordable cost.

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